Retirement plans aren’t just for the wealthy. We can help you design a retirement income strategy that incorporates insurance vehicles, dividends, and fixed-income investments to create opportunities for long-term growth potential as well as the option for lifetime income throughout your retirement.


You may be asking yourself, “Do I leave my money where it is? Take the money and run? Transfer it all to another plan? Or, roll it over into an IRA?” Whatever you choose, we can help you plan and execute the best option for you, potentially allowing your money to grow tax-deferred while also providing you with more customizable investment options.


As you approach retirement, have you thought about how rising taxes could impact your plans? We can discuss how investing in or purchasing a tax-deferred vehicle could defer income taxes, giving you the potential to earn interest at a faster rate, while, on the other hand, tax-exempt accounts can provide future tax benefits because withdrawals at retirement aren’t subject to taxes. 


As more and more baby boomers approach and experience their 60s, outliving income may become less of a concern, while outliving good health becomes their priority. We can help you navigate the complex world of long-term care and what to consider before opting into Medicaid. Planning for these potential expenses on the front end can save you from paying for them later. 


Planning for retirement isn’t complete without adequate life insurance coverage. The right life insurance product for your situation can help protect your loved ones and help create income in retirement.


While the concept of estate planning is a simple one, the vehicles, planning, and implementation process can be quite complex. A properly structured estate plan can help ensure your wishes are fulfilled.


If you are interested in enjoying the opportunity for a better rate of return without suffering downside market risk, a fixed or index annuity may be right for you. Learn more and request an annuity quote here…