Knoxville Adventist School

Come enjoy delicious, whole foods, plant-based dinner plus recipes and tips for a healthier lifestyle! You may also lose weight, build up your immune system, reduce your risk of chronic diseases and learn how simple, yet naturally delicious, healthy foods can be.

Michelle Gosselin present “Five Ways to chickpea for lunch”. Michelle is a Certified Health & Life Coach, Plant-Based Cooking Instructor, and Wellness Educator who works with women who want to lose weight, manage stress and improve sleep.

Michelle is certified by Rouxbe Culinary School as a Plant-Based Professional and is a graduate of the Health Coach Institute.

For more information regarding the event and any Covid restrictions, check our website:

The cost is $5 per person for the meal with the presentation. Pay at the event.

Link to More Details and signup link. You MUST register for the event on the Meetup website