Estate And Legacy Planning

We cannot see the future, but I have often said, “tell me the day you are going to die and I will tell you what you should do now.”

Each potential date of death carries with it financial and tax consequences that should be managed for optimal results in best and worst case scenarios.  

Estate planning is always about control. Who will control your assets both while you are living and after you have deceased.  While technically, the estate has more to do with assets after death, there are legal and financial instruments that are commonly put in place that control assets while a person is alive and unable to handle their own affairs.

Statistically, over 70% of Americans don’t even have a Last Will & Testament. The ramifications of this are quite shocking. It may be safe to presume if someone doesn’t even have this in place, they are likely to have many of their assets exposed to financial, legal and tax perils.  

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