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Watch this video and learn about:
  • Provides income you cannot outlive
  • Protects your pricipal from loss
  • Provides a reasonable rate of return
  • Participates in market gains, but NOT market losses
Watch this video and learn about:
    • How MYGA’s Work
    • Why MYGA’s rates typically double CD Rates
    • Tax Benefits of MYGA’s compared to CD’s

Is my phone going to ring off the hook after I submit this quote? No, it will not. You will receive a short phone call from William Czerkies, to verify the specifics of the quote request before our in-house staff spends time preparing and emailing it.  The entire verification phone is often completed in 5 minutes. 

When can I expect the verification phone call from William? An attempt to execute the verification phone call is typically made within 2 hours of the request but always within 1 business day.

Is this an instant quote or how long will I have to wait for it? Quotes are emailed within 1 business day of the verification phone call. Once you receive the quote we are available to answer questions and provide additional information.

Who has access to the information that I submit? When a quote request is submitted, it is electronically sent solely to William Czerkies Jr., CEO of Capital Advisory Group, an independent insurance agency based in Knoxville, TN. We didn’t survive 20 years in the business by distributing the names of our prospective clients to our competitors. Your information is safe with us.

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Additional Back Test Reports: In addition to our Rate Comparison Reports, we also provide historical back testing results which available for many of the best performing index annuities. This type of report shows the hypothetical highest return, lowest return and most recent return, for the last 30-40 years, depending on the index annuity in question. Of course, historical performance is no guarantee of future performance, but when comparing one annuity to another, back testing is one way to compare crediting strategies. Back testing reports are available upon request for prospective clients once they narrow down their choices to the top 2 or 3 annuities they are interested in. 

Additional Features and Benefits Available: The rate of return is only the first layer of things to review with any annuity and a discussion with an ethical and competent agent is much advised when considering your options. There are features and benefits besides the rate of return that may have significant advantages or disadvantages to the client that are not revealed on the typical annuity rate website. 

Disclosures: Financial products cannot be purchased on this website. Annuities must be purchased through a licensed insurance agent. Detailed product information such as Surrender Yields, Premiums, Age Restrictions, Riders, Fees and Withdrawal provisions vary by product, and may vary based on state availability and are subject to change without notice. Products are not available in all states. 

 Optional lifetime income benefit riders are used to calculate lifetime payments only and not available for cash surrender or in a death benefit unless specified in the annuity contract. Fees may apply. Surrender charges apply to base contracts. Guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of the insurance company. It is important that you read all insurance contract disclosures carefully before making a purchase decision. The preceding information does not represent tax, legal, or investment advice.

Capital Advisory Group does not warrant anything on this website, although we strive to keep all information current and up-to-date.

We do not provide tax, legal, accounting, financial, or investment advice.  We reserve the right to refuse to run quotes for anyone, especially, known competitors, financial advisors, insurance agents and other financial professions.

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