8 Wealth Belief Pillars

  1. I believe that if you follow mainstream financial advice, you will likely spend the rest of your life chasing money and rates of return and never catch it.
  2.  I believe that, for profit, Wall Street and Banks push their weapons of mass financial destruction on Main Street.
  3.  I believe that many who invest in a 401k or IRA are likely to get back less than what they invested.
  4.  I believe that taxes are the single largest threat to your wealth.
  5.  I believe that without proper planning, you may unknowingly make Uncle Sam the primary beneficiary of your wealth.
  6.  I believe that where you store your money, is far more important than the rate of return you may earn on your money.
  7.  I believe that your most valuable dollar is a tax-free dollar.
  8.  I believe that the pillars of wealth are Liquidity, Leverage, and Control.

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